Components that make your products work

WCS Capabilites


At WCS we partner with your team to provide the metal components your products need. Our role is to bring the specific expertise and components that enable your product and process to come to life. We help customers make their products stronger, last longer and cost less to produce or manufacture.

Our manufacturing capabilities start with our experienced and professional technicians within our manufacturing locations.

To insure your product meets your cleanliness specification WCS has a dedicated room with specialized equipment that test for contamination levels and max particle size on metal components.


We believe one of the key reasons why our products are superior is because we involve a wide range of our employees in the process. We have learned how to listen to and trust our sales team, engineers, quality team, manufacturing and shop employees. We learn a lot from each other so that we can promise superior products to you. Not only do we collaborate with you, we collaborate with each other as well.

Primary Operations & Equipment

WCS Industries operates the best name brand equipment in order to assure accuracy, efficiency and quality.

Cold Headers

  • Multi-Station & Single Station Cold Headers
  • Material up to 5/8" diameter x 6" under the head

Screw Machines and Lathes

  • Multi-Spindle Automatic Screw Machines--from 3/16" to 2" diameter x 6"; CNC capability w/ automatic bar feed
  • CNC Lathes--1 5/8" diameter x 18"

Coiling Machines

  • CNC and Mechanical
  • Capable of using numerous wire types ranging in size from .005" to .275"

Slide Machines

  • Wire size from .010" to .187"

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Secondary Operations

  • CNC Machining
  • Milling, Drilling and Tapping
  • Centerless Grinding
  • Spring Grinding
  • Thread Rolling, Knurling & Roll Forming
  • Bending, Forming & Coining
  • Welding
  • Component Assembly
  • Heat Treating, Stress Relieving, Color Coding & Plating
  • Shot Peening
  • Testing, Gauging & Verifying

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