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An Extension Spring is a mechanical component that is used to create resistance to a pulling force between two opposing components. This type of spring absorbs and stores mechanical energy. The initial tension determines how tightly together the spring needs to be coiled during the manufacturing process.

The initial tension can be manipulated to attain load requirements for any application. The engineering design normally calls for hooks, or eyes, at the ends of the spring which attach to the opposing components. Extension springs with hook ends are often used to provide return energy to components that extend in an activated position.

For over 60 years, WCS Industries has been manufacturing extension springs that are used in a wide variety of industries and applications.

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Extension Spring Wire Material Types Available:

  • Chrome Silicon Wire
  • Galvanized Wire
  • Hard Drawn Wire
  • Music Wire
  • Oil-Tempered Wire
  • Square Wire

Our wire diameter capability ranges from .005” to .275”.

As a leading extension spring supplier, WCS Industries can produce many different extension spring hook, or end, types to meet and/or exceed your design requirements.

Just a Few Examples are:

  • Machine Hooks
  • Extended Machine Hooks
  • Cross Over Hooks
  • Swivel Hooks
  • Clam Shell Hooks

As a versatile extension spring manufacturer with components found in a vast range of products across industries, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the exact right piece to make your product or assembly operate as best as it can.

Our industry applications include appliances, automotive, small engine, power sports, industrial manufacturing, lawn and garden, and many more. We believe that exceptional quality within a management budget is possible if you have the expertise to deliver it, and we have developed our expertise and built our business to bring you just that.

With a specialty in collaboration, partnership, and working with your engineering team at any point in the process to provide just the right spring product, we are ready to support you in creating great products.

If your application requires a custom extension spring design, WCS Industries has the knowledge and engineering experience to handle that as well. To speak directly to our extension spring experts, Contact Us now to discuss your design and application challenges to learn more.

When your application requires a quality, high performance and long-lasting extension spring manufactured with quality materials – look no further than WCS Industries.

WCS Industries also Manufactures:

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WCS Industries Manufactures Extension Springs for OEMs in these Industries

Electrical Component
Lawn & Garden
Pest Control
Plastic Molding
Small Engine

For a no cost process analysis on your extension spring design, contact WCS Industries. This simple process requires a brief 30 minute meeting to discuss the following: your estimated annual spend, number of SKUs and number of vendors. Let WCS Industries do the heavy lifting for you!


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