wcs industries cost reduction process

It’s math, not myth that will add up to savings. This Value Added Service is a Purchasing Manager’s dream come true.

WCSource One - Cost Reduction Process

Our Goal is Illuminating Cost Reduction Opportunities

In this FREE cost reduction/evaluation process, we offer our expertise and marketplace knowledge to assist in identifying untapped potential & double-digit savings within your metal component annual spend that can impact your bottom line when realized! Your involvement will be limited to providing a small amount of discretionary input because we do the heavy lifting – all based on your cost reduction goals and objectives.

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Opportunities may include:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Vendor Reduction
  • Design and SKU Reduction [Utilize WCS engineering resources to review current designs]
  • Purchasing Activities Reduction [The “soft” costs add up; each activity or “touch point” is a cost–purchase orders, shipping, freight]
  • Stock Out Reduction [Utilize WCS stocking programs]

Where to Begin?

There’s no cost for this service. All we request is a brief 30 minute meeting to discuss your needs to determine if you can benefit. We won’t waste your time either. We’ll tell you flat out, on-the-spot if we can’t save you at least 10% of your annual spend. We’ll be able to figure that out right away by confidentially reviewing just three things:

  • Your Estimated Annual Spend
  • Your Estimated Number of SKUs
  • Your Estimated Number of Vendors

If there’s a mutual agreement that a substantial cost reduction is attainable, our commodity evaluation team will continue to study your situation and weigh the measureables so that we can come back and tell you what we are going to achieve and how we’re going to do it. We’ll present you a written proposal that encompasses the “Opportunity Identification” and “Spend Analysis” outlined below.

Here’s How It Works

wcs industries cost reduction process

A Prudent, Resourceful Approach

With no delivery issues, no quality issues, or no design needs for these components, there is likely NO resource available to illuminate Cost Reduction Opportunities…until now.

In business as in life, the 80/20 theory is a powerful tool when applied. The basic theory serves as a daily reminder to focus 80% of our time and energy on the 20% of the items that are really important or represent 80% of our business. At WCS Industries, we realize your metal components are not likely representing 20% of the items that are representing a significant portion of the costs in your business. Therefore, it’s difficult to dedicate your time and resources on them. This is where a WCS Industries’ professional can provide not only the time but the spark!

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