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A Compression Spring, just one type of coil spring manufactured by WCS Industries, is an elastic component that stores mechanical energy with helically coiled wires. This type of spring is designed to become shorter when under load. The loops do not touch in the unloaded position and no attachment points are required.

A helical compression spring is the most commonly used type of spring in manufacturing applications and is the most economically produced. Where there is a variable and opposing force required, compression springs provide the necessary strength. These springs are normally shaped from wire but can also be machined for more demanding applications.

We are custom spring manufacturers who excel in prototype, design and engineering for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). If your manufacturing needs are new design developments, an existing design enhancement or an evaluation and analysis of a current spring – for over 60 years, WCS Industries has been doing just that.

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Compression spring measurement diagram

Several Factors to Consider when Selecting Compression Springs:

  1. Outside Diameter (OD) of the spring
  2. Loading or travel requirements on the compression spring
  3. Compression spring end types
    1. Closed and Ground
    2. Closed and Not Ground
    3. Open and Ground Ends
    4. Open and Not Ground Ends
  4. Material that the spring is manufactured with
  5. Application requirements

As one of the most versatile compression spring suppliers, WCS Industries manufactures precision compression springs using wire diameters ranging from .005” to .275”. WCS can grind springs to meet squareness specifications down to 1°, well beyond the industry standard of 3°. If necessary, WCS can also hold precise tolerances on loads with capability to 100% gage loads.

WCS Industries Manufactures Compression Springs for OEMs in these Industries

Electrical Component
Fluid Power
Lawn & Garden
Plastic Molding
Small Engine

WCS Industries is a volume run manufacturer that can likely save you money on your next order of custom compression springs. Our WCSourceOne Cost Reduction/Evaluation Process is a No Charge, Value Added Service.

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