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Illuminating Efficiencies with the Optimal Manufacturing Processes

WCS Industries, a cold forming company, is your one-stop source for specialty fasteners, cold headed and machined parts, and engineered components, utilizing multi-station cold heading, multi-spindle screw machining and CNC and secondary machining.

By blending cold forming technology including heading, threading and systematic tool forming designs with secondary machining, WCS Industries has a unique capability to engineer and manufacture long term, cost effective cold headed solutions for our customers. Cold forming, commonly known as cold heading, is a process with cost, quality and performance advantages as it typically results in a much higher material yield, higher run rates and superior material properties compared to machining.

Here’s How the Cold Forming Manufacturing Process Works

cold forming companies, cold heading, cold headed parts

  1. Blank is Cut from a coil of wire
  2. Advanced for Forming The blank is advanced into the first station
  3. Ist Form The blank is formed, then advanced to the next station
  4. 2nd Form During the same stroke of the machine, the previous part is formed again in the second station. Work is performed on multiple parts to produce one finished part per machine stroke. [Some parts require multiple dies and blows to form the intended design]
  5. Formed Part Completed part is ejected from die

cold forming companies, cold heading, cold headed parts

A typical cold headed progression

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Our cold forming process produces parts at room temperature by forging the material past its elastic limits resulting in a new shape. Cold heading takes wire from a coil, cuts it to a precise length, then progressively forms the blank through multiple dies and punches. This produces one finished product per machine cycle. Through this cold heading process, it is possible to produce complex precision parts at high speed with little or no material waste.

Roll forming takes the headed part and through a rolling process creates a thread form, with the finished piece being stronger than cut or machined threads.

Of course, there are times when design features can require precision machining. At WCS, we also have extensive machining experience using a full range of automatic multi-spindle screw machines and CNC machining centers.

cold forming companies, cold heading, cold headed parts

Cold forming & cold heading with machining

WCS Industries Manufactures a Wide Variety of Cold Headed Components, or Cold Headed Parts, Including:

  • Bolts
  • Screws
  • Studs
  • Pins
  • Rivets with Shoulders
  • Rivets without Shoulders
  • Special Custom Designed Components

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WCS Industries Manufactures Cold Headed and Cold Formed Parts for OEMs in these Industries

Electrical Component
Lawn & Garden
Plastic Molding

For your component, our engineers will utilize state-of-the-art cold heading methods to develop the manufacturing process with the optimum production techniques in order to deliver a cost effective and superior performing solution. Get in touch with us to learn more about what makes us stand out among cold headed fasteners manufacturers.


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