Coil Springs

A Superior Plan-Pure and Simple

Products that are awesome are often the simplest. We know we can efficiently produce superior coil spring products that will last longer and operate better because we focus on keeping things simple. At WCS Industries, mechanical springs are a big part of our business and we know that they are an important part of your product.

As a leading coil spring supplier, WCS Industries makes a wide variety of metal springs from music wire, 302 SS, 17/7 PH SS, Chrome Silicon or any material of your choice. Diameters range from .005” to .275″.

Options for our coil springs cover the full range of types to suit your application: compression springs, extension springs and torsion springs — ideal for use in the automotive, agricultural, oil and gas, mining, construction, and military/defense industries. As a versatile coil spring manufacturer with a deep understanding of the needs of our customers, we work with you — and listen to you — to determine how best to meet your requirements. We craft our entire metal spring design and engineering process with the goals of continuous improvement and cost savings in mind.

With decades of experience in our core spring manufacturing operations, and continued growth and expansion of our service offering backed by the best engineering and technical professionals in the business, we are ready to help optimize your products with the highest-quality fundamentals.

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spring manufacturer, coil springs, metal springs

Compression Springs

Compression springs are wound to oppose compression. They are the most common metal coil spring configuration – an open-coil helical spring offering resistance to a linear compressing or pushing force. Putting a load on a compression spring, in essence making it smaller, causes it to push back against the load; once the applied load is released the spring will return to its original length. Compression springs are often placed over rods or contained inside holes.

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Extension Springs

Extension springs are wound to oppose extension and create resistance to a pulling force. Attached at both ends to other components, they try to bring those components together again when they are moved apart. Frequently used to provide return force to components extending in the actuated position, extension springs have hooks, eyes or other interfaces at each end to attach to the components they connect.

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spring manufacturer, coil springs, metal springs
spring manufacturer, coil springs, metal springs

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are helical springs that offer resistance to twist or applied torque. When the component it is attached to rotates around its center, the spring tries to push it back to its original position. Torsion springs can store and release angular energy or statically hold a mechanism in place by deflecting the legs about the body centerline axis.

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