Custom Wire Forming For OEMs

As an experienced flatform and wire form company, our products are usually one specific and crucial part in larger, more complex assemblies. These assemblies are things used every day by people of all ages and backgrounds in all walks of life and different types of communities. At WCS Industries, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a quality product. Our wire form designs and flatforms are no exception.

Wire Forming

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WCS Industries can make custom wire forms varying from .005”-.156” diameter wire. Our capabilities also include swaging and chamfering of ends . Color coding of the wire while it is still being machined is also available, as well as custom coatings for wire forms.

Our custom wire forming services offer numerous benefits in serving as critical components in larger assemblies, where the strength and quality of every piece is critical to the success of the whole. Our manufacturing process and materials are designed for maximum durability with the longest service life possible, achieved through CNC wire forming and high-quality material selection.

In addition, our custom wire forming offers components suitable for a broad and versatile range of applications, from extreme temperatures (high and low) to corrosive environments and more.

As highly capable wire form manufacturers, we also produce snap ring components from .005”-.275” diameter wire.

Our custom wire fabrication material selection includes:

  • Stainless steel wire products
  • Copper wire products
  • Aluminum wire products

With a broad range of custom wire forming capabilities, we are able to fabricate nearly any wire-formed product with perfect accuracy to your custom specifications. Typical CNC wire forming fabrication projects that we fulfill include:

  • Wire hooks
  • Wire clamps
  • Wire holders
  • Wire Linkages
  • Torsion Bars
  • Retaining Rings


wire forming, wire forming companies

WCS Industries can make flat form designs to a maximum width of 1.25” and a maximum thickness of .050” [spring temper material] or .080” [annealed temper material]. The max length we are set up to produce is 12” without a die set or 8.5” with a die set.

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Engineering Services

In addition to our role as a custom wire form manufacturer, we offer a full range of engineering services for every step of your product development cycle. We can help you design and manufacture a product from the ground up, or we can assist with evaluation and analysis for existing products, including design assessment and reverse engineering. We look forward to working with you at any step of the process.

WCS Industries Manufactures Wire Forming and Flatform Components for OEMs in these Industries

Electrical Component
Lawn & Garden
Small Engine

Contact WCS Industries today for a custom quote on your wire formed or flat formed components. We also offer free cost reduction design analysis!