Two Springs Into One WCS Industries Case Studies

The Challenge

One of our customers presented us with this request: Combine two compression springs manufacture into one. Their custom spring design was to have the first spring work inside a second, larger spring. The unit was time consuming to assemble and the customer was looking for a solution to reduce that assembly time.

Design Criteria

  • Fits-over spec (one end only)
  • Fits-in spec
  • Load 1 @ length 1
  • Load 2 @ length 2
  • Acceptable stress

The Solution

Design one single spring for ease of assembly and complete the task of both springs. WCS Industries’ engineers started with the outer spring design first. Using a standard compression spring, we made sure the custom spring design met the loads and fits-in spec. We transitioned the outer spring to the inner spring using a conical design to meet the fits-over spec on the small end of the conical spring. We made a number of prototypes for testing, and the end result was a single custom spring design that met customer requirements and ultimately saved valuable time during the assembly process of the customer’s single unit. To discuss your design needs for two spring manufacturing with one of our qualified engineers, contact us now.


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