Hooked on Savings WCS Industries Case Studies

The Challenge

Our customer was looking to reduce cost on one of their products – an extension spring with swivel hooks.

Design Criteria

  • Load 1 @ length 1
  • Load 2 @ length 2
  • Acceptable stress
  • Fatigue life

The Solution

We designed an extension spring with extended hooks to replace the costly swivel hooks. Instead of the part being made of two wire diameters (one for the body and one for the hooks), the new design was of one wire diameter. We studied the stress on the hooks and body at different load lengths and determined suitable wire diameter. Then we tested the fatigue life between the two load lengths to ensure we met the customer’s fatigue criteria. We provided prototypes of the new design for testing purposes. After successful internal testing, the customer moved the new design to full production. Our extended hook extension spring design saved the customer half of what they were paying previously. To discuss your Spring with Hooks on Both Ends design and manufacturing needs, contact us now.

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